Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HCM - Offline basic photography guide - The number 1 09/30/12

HCM - Offline basic photography guide - The number 1 09/30/12
In the near, Camera Delicat will have a lot of work in photography: photographic equipment, training guide, the actual shooting ....   The basic digital photography guide new version of Subtle includes 03 conference-style sessions (workshops), alternating with the offline capture external field.   CONTENTS OF THE FIRST SESSION:   1. How to buy a digital camera / photographic equipment suitable: The / camera including camera phones Choose the camera that match the specific needs and preferences 2. Basic machine operations: position held and captured by the device driver, compact, DSLR   3. Additional content: Portrait young women: To familiarize make the experience, technical and aesthetic   Time 09h00-12h00 Sunday 09/30/2012 Location Cafe Subtle:     The offline welcome everyone interested in photography although not with anything until the phone, small guns, big guns ....     You can get to without having to register, but you SHOULD register here expressed enthusiastic interest and help the organization more favorable seating a reasonable way   (You do not have to pay any charges other than the purchase yourself one glass of water - but if you bring a bottle of water in the house no one said)   00. A Tuan (Tuan_lionsg) Dr.Thanh (Starnt), A Rating (Binhpt) 01.

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